The Trials and Tribulations of a progressive District attoney in GA

How Republicans try to tie the hands of Deborah Gonzales, the Athens-Clarke & Oconee County District Attorney.

In the April 14, 2023 Necessary Trouble meeting DA Deborah Gonzalez gave an overview and details about the challenges she has faced to implement a progressive approach to justice. Her details show the lengths that Republicans will go to keep and extend their power over Georgia's courts. Their tactics are based on trying to make it impossible for her office to do its work. These include

Prosecutorial Discretion

Starting at minute 20 in the video of the meeting, DA Gonzalez discusses the importance of prosecutorial "discretion." Lawmakers and state/local leaders understand that more cases are referred to the DA's office than can possibly be taken to court. In the past, DAs were trusted to use their discretion to make decisions about which cases to prosecute.  Since the election in 2020 of DA Gonzalez and other women of color, DA's are being challenged about decisions they make about how to best serve their communities. What is wrong with those decisions? They are not always the ones that were made in the past.

How Troublers Can Help DA Gonzalez

#1 Contact Governor Kemp

Action:  We recommend sending a postcard or letter to Governor Kemp. Address: Governor Brian Kemp, 111 State Capitol, 206 Washington St. Atlanta 30334. 

Suggested Script:  I am a Georgia voter. The provisions of SB 92 are un-democratic. The bill takes power away from the people to make decisions about our elected officials. Please veto this bill. 

#2 Send DA Gonzalez and Her Staff Supportive Messages

Write to DA Deborah Gonzalez, Western Judicial Circuit, District Attorney Office, 325 E Washington St, Room 370, Athens, GA 30601.

#3 Contribute to DA Gonzalez's Re-election Campaign

Deborah is showing determination to carry out the promises she made in her election the face of threats and obstructions. She is showing true grit in facing down these attacks. The best way to help her and her community....donate to help her get re-elected in 2024. Send your donations today. If possible, make a small monthly donation that will add up over time!  Donate to Re-Elect DA Deborah Gonzalez.  

"Voters in my community elected me. Legislators did not. The community elected me as they have elected all previous DAs...based on values. For the 2020 election, the community voted for me because they wanted a different approach to justice. As I tell members of my community, if I were not doing the job they elected me to do....we would not have SB 92! "

--Deborah Gonzalez, DA Western Judicial Circuit