imani barnes hits the ground running

Representative Imani Barnes (HD 86) shares about her freshman year in the GA Legislature

Rep. Imani Barnes (standing left), Rep. Ruwa Romman, and colleagues celebrate the defeat of a bill to use state money to fund private school vouchers. 

Learning to Be Effective as a State Representative

Representative Barnes details the challenges and learning that took place for her in the 40 days of the 2023 General Assembly. In addition to learning about how to be the most effective representative possible, she learned about working in a new and different system to achieve her goals for her district. Her work focused on her commitment to helping Georgia's public school students and public school system.  

She drafted a bill to provide free meals (breakfast and lunch) for all students in Georgia's Public Schools. The bill received media attention in both Atlanta and Macon with news reports on local television. While the bill did not receive a committee discussion or vote, members of the Republican Party clearly recognized an important issue....and added $6,300,000 in the 2024 budget for free meals for qualified students in public schools. So far, Governor Kemp has not used his power of line item veto to remove that funding. Rep. Barnes is keeping a close eye on the situation and will let Necessary Trouble know if the money stays in the budget. 

In addition, she has worked closely with the Legislative Black Caucus and the House Democratic Caucus. Rep. Barnes discusses her work in the 2023 General Assembly at 45 minutes into the YouTube Video, including background about how $6,300,000 got into the state 2024 budget for free meals for public school students.    

How Troublers Can Help Rep. Barnes

Rep. Barnes asked for two types of help:

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#2. Make a Donation

State representatives receive very little funding from the state. Most of their expenses have to be paid by donations from their supporters or from their personal resources. Because HD 86 is a safely Democratic seat, Rep. Barnes is unlikely to receive much funding through non-profits that support candidates in districts that can be flipped. She needs help from her supporters to pay for her costs as a legislator.  

Use this link to send your donation to Rep. Barnes today. If possible, make a small monthly donation that will add up over time! 

I would like to thank the Troublers as always.  They've been with me since the Tucker race, and are still sticking with me now. And I could not do the awesome job in the legislature this session without the Troublers sticking by my side.

--Representative Imani Barnes